Friday, August 23, 2013

These Guys Are Professionals, Right?

Baseball is an entertaining game to watch. In a sport in which every action is met with resistance it can be taken for granted just how easy those in the major league can make the game look. This piece is dedicated to the other end of the spectrum, to the plays you only enjoy watching five year olds engage in, where the joy of playing outweighs the importance of the win/loss record. Warning these plays are not exactly pretty, but go ahead and laugh, but remember these are professionals trained to drown out crowd noise and insults.

Backup catcher Yorvit Torrealba exploits some terrible base running (8/14/13)

Juan Uribe falls for the old "hidden ball trick" and to make matters worse Angel Hernandez, one of the more controversial terrible umpires in the game today. Just ask Chipper Jones, Hawk Harrelson and the Oakland A's. (8/10/13)

It is cute when kids get so excited they can't keep their balance and fall down in a heap of joy. For Chad Qualls it was probably a bit more embarrassing, but nonetheless entertaining. (7/30/13)

Melky Cabrera shows off his powerful arm in left, if not his sure-handed grip (8/1/13)

Five days latter Melky got a sigh of relief that it can even happen to 18 year veterans like Raul Ibanez (8/6/13)

 Finally, it doesn't matter how fast or talented you are, somethings are sure outs. (6/19/13)

Yasiel Puig will likely learn that next season, because he has yet to learn it yet. It is bad when Vin Scully is calling you out. (6/26/13)

Hope you enjoyed some of the more embarrassing gaffes of the year. Did I leave any out? Let me know and I will try and tack them on.