Friday, July 5, 2013

The Shot Callers

Whether the ball flies out to Waveland Avenue or needs a little assist, home runs are game changing moments, lighting up the scoreboard to the delight of fans everywhere. Whether the ball is "crushed", "smoked", "drilled", or "launched" the effect upon the crowd is immediate -unbridled joy for the home fans or stunned silence. This is true if the ball is "way back", a "moonshot" or "just enough" to get over the wall. For fans outside the stands it is up to the announcers to bring the excitement, to get us off our couches and dancing a little jig.

Just as every home run is unique, so is each call. Every announcer attempts to put a distinct call to the moment that lets even the casual listener know the home team has hit one out. With the 4th of July weekend upon us, I thought it would be a great time to put together a list of my favorite home run callers this season. I did not use national broadcasters so you will not hear Chris Berman, Joe Buck, or any of the others mostly because their calls are uninspired cliches honed over the years. I also do not have a clip of every team because some announcers just don't bring joy and excitement to their call. Without further ado lets take a look and a listen at some of this seasons fireworks.

Colorado where "you won't see it for long"

Vin Scully calls Yasiel Puig's first two big league home runs "viva Cuba, viva Puig"

Dick Enberg lets Padres fans know the ball was "crushed...way up and way out"

There was no doubt in San Francisco that "this is OUTTA HERE"

Meanwhile in Houston they let Chris Carter's bat do the talking

Out in Anaheim they are talking "Big Flies" --Erik Aybar knew it was gone

Oakland lets us know "that baby is gone"

Pittsburgh fans are warned to "clear the deck, cannonball coming" --really appreciate how they combine team theme into their call

Cubs and CarGo know there is no need to move when it goes on to Waveland Avenue

They enjoy Miggy's "absolute bombs" in Detroit

Hawk Harrelson, baseballs biggest homer announcer is always fun to listen to. Give him a listen when his team is getting blown out for an inning; he sounds like he needs a nap, a snack and a hug. Oh home run calls he begs the ball to stretch before excitingly telling the fans "you can PUT IT ON THE BOARD....YES!!!"

If you want some "Souvenir City" look no further than Cleveland

Nationals emphatically bid long balls together with a "SEE YOU LATER!"

A fond "SEE YA!" greets Bronx Bombs

 Finally, out in Baltimore the tandem are awestruck by the power of Adam Jones before wishing the ball farewell "Goodbye, Homerun"

Did I miss a team that should be here? Do you prefer lackluster national announcers over local "homer" announcers? Feel free to belt out your opinion in the comment section.